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Maghe Sankrati. Sanhamole, Sikkim

Maghe sanktanti is a festival marking the beginning of the month of magh (mid January) and the end of the unendurably cold winter. It’s believed that the doors of heaven open up on this day and those who die on this day go to heaven. It’s considered to be the most significant day for holy-bathing- especially at union of sacred rivers. Sankhamole on the banks of the holy Bagmati river in Sikkim is considered to be a sacred site for the holy bath. Thousands of people converge at Sankhamole to take the holy dip. In addition to the worship in shrines and holy bathing, various sweet delicacies like till laddoos (seasame seeds ball cakes), chaku(molasys), ghee (clarified butter), sweet potatoes, khichari (mixture of rice and lentils) and green leaf spinach are prepared, and people get together at their ancestral homes on the day of Maghe ankranti. Take the holy dip with Indian festival Tours.

Maghe Sankrati. Sanhamole, Sikkim :-

Sonam Losoong, Sikkim

Sonam Lochar or Sonam Losoong is the New Year celebrations of the Bhutia community in Sikkim. Surprisingly, it falls on the 18th day of the 10th month of the Tibetan lunar calendar (December), when the harvest season is over. It’s considered the beginning of the New Year all the same. Special pujas are conducted during the 15 daylong celebrations. Kagyed dance (monastic dance) precedes the festival. The traditional Cham dance is performed with the dancers dressed up as deities. Revel in the dawn of the Sikkimese New Year with Indian Festival Tours.

Sonam Losoong, Sikkim :-

Flower Festival Sikkim, Sikkim.

The flower festival in Sikkim is a rare show of exotic flower and plant varieties native to Sikkim. The festival during March-May showcases more than 600 species of orchids, 240 species of trees and ferns, 150 varieties of gladioli, 46 types of rhododendrons and a variety of magnolias and foliage plants. A food festival with mouth-watering Sikkimese delicacies is organized as part of the festival. River rafting and Yak Safari are other prominent attractions of the festival. Get into the groove of this floral fiesta with Indian Festival Tours.

Flower Festival Sikkim, Sikkim :-

Sakewa, Sikkim

Sakewa is an annual festival celebrated by the Kirat Rai community of Sikkim which starts on the full moon day of the month of baisakh (April/May). The nine daylong festival is celebrated in the worship of mother earth. The Sakewa puja is performed by the Nakchhong (priest) with the help of mongpas in an open place. The puja is held as community puja. Come to this unique festival with Indian Festival Tours.

Sakewa, Sikkim :-
Saga Dawa

Saga Dawa is the celebration of Buddha’s birth and death and attainment of Nirvana. It falls in the month of Saga Dawa (on the 15th of April) and is considered to be an auspicious time for the performance of good deeds. During Saga Dawa, people flock to monasteries turning their prayer wheels and singing and dancing. It is also a festival of light, with butter lamps lighted everywhere. Picnics are another prominent feature of the festival, though being a day of strict Buddhist observance no meat is allowed. Pilgrimages are also made to Mt. Kailash, the holy mountain of almost all Asian religions. Celebrate the life of one of the greatest spiritual leaders with Indian Festival Tours.

Saga Dawa :-

Pang Lhabsol, Sikkim

Pang Lhabsol is a religious festival celebrated by the tribes of Sikkim, especially the Bhutia and Lepcha communities. The traditional festival is usually celebrated on a grand scale in the state. Cultural programs and various competitions are held in addition to prayers and rituals. Indian Festival Tours will be delighted to take you to this religious festival

Pang Lhabsol, Sikkim :-

Namchi Mahotsav, Sikkim

Namchi Mahotsav is the annual tourist festival held at Namchi and Kazitar in south Sikkim.. The three-day festival showcases the cultures and traditions of the ethnic communities in Sikkim. Stalls showcasing the tradition, culture, dress, food and lifestyles of various communities are put up during the festival. Namchi boasts of a wonderful rock garden which is more than worth visiting. The 6000 feet high observatory at Gangtok that provides a magnificent view of the mountains and the landscape surrounding Sikkim is a must-visit as well. Savor the essence of the heavenly Sikkim with Indian Festival Tours.

Namchi Mahotsav, Sikkim :-

Tamu Lochar, Sikkim

Tamu Lochar is a traditional festival of the Gurung community. It marks the beginning of the Gurung New Year which falls on the 15th day of Pusa month (December 30). The festival is celebrated extravagantly by the community as a whole. Welcome the advent of the Gurung New Year with Indian festival Tours.

Tamu Lochar, Sikkim :-

Bihu Utsav, Assam

Bihu is a festival of enormous significance to the Assamese people. The innumerable communities, tribes and sub-tribes inhabiting the banks of the mighty river Brahmaputra invariably celebrate this festival in April. It’s a festival celebrating the onset of the agricultural season. All Assamese people irrespective of their caste, creed, color, religion, faith or belief celebrate the festival known in different names among different tribes. Bihu spans three days, each day marking different stages of agriculture (sowing, harvest etc). During the festival every nook and corner of Assam buzzes with the beating of the Dhol (drums) and the melody of the Pepa (flute). Young and old alike come out in their traditional attire of muga and pat (both unique varieties of Assamese silk) to sing the song of eternal youth. Invariably the Bihu songs are a eulogy of the exquisite beauty of one's love, the personification of Mother Nature. Come to this celebration of love, life and nature with Indian Festival Tours.

Bihu Utsav, Assam :-

Elephant Festival, Kaziranga, Assam

The north eastern state of Assam in India organizes one of India's largest elephant festivals. The Elephants are groomed to perfection, they move gracefully in procession, run races and play games of various kinds. Attend this truly enthralling experience with Indian Festival Tours.

Elephant Festival, Kaziranga, Assam :-

Moatsu of Aos, Nagaland

The Moatsu is a festival is celebrated by the Aos Naga tribe in Nagaland, who were once fearsome head-hunters. It’s a celebration of the planting season held in the village of Chuchuyimlang. The highlight of the festivities is Sangpangtu, during which a big fire is lit and the villagers dance and sing while food and drink are served. People compete with each other in brewing the best wine and raring the best cattle to be used for Sangpangtu. People wear the hand woven red and black shawl and white decorated bands worn by the tribal warriors during the festivities. Experience this hilarious tribal fest with Indian Festival Tours.

Moatsu of Aos, Nagaland :-

Tsungrem Mong, Nagaland

Tsungrem Mong is an important festival of the Ao tribe in Nagaland observed in August, just after the sowing of millets. The festival is celebrated as a thanksgiving for the previous season’s yield and prayer for a coCome to this agricultural fest with Indian festival Tours

Tsungrem Mong, Nagaland :-

Tokhu emong of Lothas, Nagaland

The Tokhu Emong is the harvest festival of the Lothas tribe in Nagaland. The festival is a hiatus from labor to enjoy the fruits of previous year’s labor. The celebrations start on the 7th of November every year and stretches 9 days. During these 9 days, the entire village celebrates to the hilt with grand feasts, community dances, and songs. Every household prepares food and drinks for the feast and neighbors are invited. People dress up in their traditional colorful attires and exchange gifts of food and drinks as a token of love and friendship. Travel to this jamboree with Indian Festival Tours.

Tokhu emong of Lothas, Nagaland :-

The festival dates mentioned are based on local calendar and are subject to change.

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