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MAHASHIVARATRI – The Festival Dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Mahashivaratri or the great night of Siva falls on the night before the no moon day in the month of Phalgun (February/march). It is observed and celebrated in worship of Lord Siva, one among the quintessential Hindu trinity. There are many stories behind the observance of Mahasivaratri. One is that it was on this day that Lord Siva wed his divine consort goddess Parvati. Some say it was on this day he manifested himself as Lingum(the great phallus) to make people aware of the eternal nature of time. Lord Siva is believed to be extremely generous. People sing songs praising the lord to the accompaniment of Dhols (drums) and pray all night-long during Mahasivaratri. In many parts of north India people drink Bhang lassi(a drink made using extracts from cannabis and having similar effects as other eaten forms of marijuana) on the occasion. Mahasivaratri is observed with fervor throughout the country. Observe Mahasivaratri with Indian Festival Tours.



Jhanda Fair

Jhanda Fair is a grand fair held on the fifth day after Holi (Mar/Apr) every year at the historic Guru Ramraj durbar at Dehradun in Uttaranjal. The fair, apart from being a spectacular and eventful one, has religious importance as well; people from across the country visit the fair which is chiefly celebrated by the Sikhs. The magnanimous fair adds attraction to the heavenly place that Dehradun is. Make merry at Dehradun with Indian Festival Tours .

Dwarahat Mela

Dwarahat Mela is a magnanimous fair held on the 13 th of April every year (Baisakhi) at dwarahat situated in the wide and splendid Ram Ganga valley in Uttaranjal. Dwarahat is famous for it is clustered with old temples. Enjoy the splendid Dwarahat Mela with Indian Festival Tours .

Nainital Fair

A stupendously splendid fair is organized in Nainital in September every year, which is dedicated to Naina Devi (goddess Naina). During the fair the naturally gifted Nainital is decorated like a bride and looks extremely lovely. The fair features a variety of traditional dances and music. Join in the festive mood of Nainital Fair with Indian Festival Tours .


Daman and Diu

Garba Festival

Garba Festival is the most popular festival of Daman and Diu. It’s a dance festival and its biggest attraction is the folk dance of the same name extremely popular in Daman and Diu as well as in Gujarat. The exuberant and colorful costumes, mesmerizing music and graceful steps makes the Garba dance a wonderful sight to behold. The dance features women dancers in colorful clothes and traditional ornaments dancing to the songs praising Goddess Amba. Witness the mesmerizing Garba Dance with Indian festival Tours.

Gangaji Fair

Gangaji Fair is held every year near the Somnatha Mahadev temple in Dabhel village in Daman and Diu. Large crowds from all over the state and country attend this fabulous fair. Indian Festival Tours proudly offers to take you to this grand fair. .



Sidhpur Fair

Sidhpur Fair is a livestock fair predominantly featuring camels. The fair has a lot of color and liveliness and is a merry-go-round. Partake in this magnanimous fair with Indian Festival Tours.

Modhera Dance Festival

Modhera Dance Festival is an eventful dance festival organized by the Gujarat Tourism corporation in January every year at the Modhera sun temple in Gujarat . The magnanimous sun temple acts as the backdrop for various classical dance performances during the festival. Savor the traditional classical dance forms of India with Indian Festival Tours .

Madhavpur Fair

Madhavpur Fair is a colorful fair held at the small town of Madhavpur in Gujarat in the month of Chitra in the Hindu calendar (Mar/Apr). The fair brings to life the otherwise sleepy town of Madhavpur, which is believed to be the venue of Lord Krishna’s weeding to Rukmini, one of his wives. During the fair Lord Krishna’s marriage is re-enacted by artistes. Attend this fabulous fair with Indian Festival Tours.

Bhavnath Fair

The Bhavnath Fair is held at the ancient Bhavnath Mahadev temple located at the foot of the Girnar mountains in Gujarat. The origin of the temple is unknown as it is really very ancient. Innumerable vendor stalls operate during this stupendously colorful fair held on mahasivaratri every year (Feb/Mar). Mahapuja (worship) of Lord Siva is conducted during midnight when naga Bavas (naked sages) living nearby move towards the fair seated on elephants, holding flags and blowing conch shells. People believe that Lord Siva visits the fair during the Mahapuja. Visit the ancient Siva temple at Bhavnath and witness this grand fair with Indian Festival Tours.

Dangs Darbar

The Dangs Durbar is a conclave of the chieftains of all the aboriginal villages of the Dangs region which is a tribal belt. The conclave is a grand festival with music, dances and feasting. Witness this tribal fiesta with Indian Festival Tours.



Bengali New Year

Bengali New Year or Naba Barsha is celebrated on the 14 th of April every year. The spectacular fest celebrated with fervor features songs, dances, regional games, kite flying, ox fighting or reciting of poems with all their regional traits and festivity. Even the day prior to Naba Barsha (last day of the previous year) is celebrated with equal alacrity and pomp. Celebrate Naba Barsha with Indian Festival Tours .

Ganga Sagar Mela

Ganga Sagar Mela is the largest fair celebrated in west Bengal and is celebrated at the beautiful Sagar Island at the mouth of Hooghly River which is a distributor of river Ganges . The fair is held on the Makar Sankranti day (mid January) when the sun makes a transition from Sagittarius to Capricorn. Since the place is where the holy river Ganges drains into the sea, the place is also considered to be of great religious significance and it is widely believed that taking a dip here on Makar Sankranti would avail girls handsome grooms and boys beautiful brides. After taking the holy dip they head towards the Kapilmuni temple nearby to worship the deity. Witness this grand fair with Indian Festival Tours.

Kenduli Mela

Kenduli Mela is a large and splendid festival celebrated at Kenduli in Birbhum District of west Bengal on akar Sankranti (mid January) when the sun makes the transition from Sagittarius to Capricorn. The Mela attracts large crowd including a large number of Bauls (a certain sect of West Bengal). The Bauls have their own style of Folk music which is one of the attractions of the mela. Enjoy this grand fiesta with Indian Festival Tours .

Basanta Utsav

Basant Utsav is a manifestation of the Holi festival that celebrates spring (in March) celebrated at the Shantiniketan/Viswabharati University established by the Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore. The festival features various cultural programs including dances, songs and choreography. After the cultural programs students attire in exuberant and colorful clothes play Holi with colored powder- smearing and dying each other. Plunge into the colorful world of Basant Utsav with Indian Festival Tours .

Jalpesh Mela

Jalpesh Mela is a grand fair held at mainaguri in Jalpaiguri districy of west Bengal during Mahasivaratri (Feb/Mar). The fair is attended by people from all over the state and country irrespective of caste or creed and lasts for one whole month. The age-old Siva temple around which the fair is held is a major attraction. Witness this grand gala event where various cultures converge with Indian Festival Tours .

Rash Mela

Rash Mela is a grand fair held at Cooch Behar in North Bengal in connection with the Rash Yatra, which is a festival celebrated in many parts of north India. Rash Yatra is a procession featuring clay models depicting the deeds and various phases of Lord Krishna’s life. The month-long fair is the biggest festival of the region and thousands of people from across the state participate. Indian Festival Tours proudly offers to take you to the fabulous Rash Mela.

Bera Utsav

Bera Utsav is a grand festival held at lalbagh on the river Bhagirathi near the palace of the Nawabs. This spectacular fest is held on the last Thursday of the Bengali month of Bhadra (mid-September). Spectacular fireworks and color are the major attractions of era Utsav. Enjoy this grand fiesta with Indian Festival Tours.

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