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Narayanpur Mela

Narayanpur Mela is a tribal festival held in the Bastar district of Chhattisgarh in the last week of February every year. The festival is a fun fiesta and an occasion for the tribals to make merry. Several sessions of drinking and rhythmic group dances are important features of this festival. On the occasion the tribals worship their deities before plunging into the festivities. The festioval serves as an opportunity to learn in detail the lifestyle and customs of the tribals of the area. Witness this jamboree with Indian Festival Tours .

Sheorinarayan Fair

Sheorinarayan Fair is an eventful fair held at Sheonarayan in Chhattisgarh, which is the confluence of three great rivers- Mahanadi , sheonath and Jonk. The fair is held on the premises of a 13 th century temple dedicated to Lord Rama. Hundreds of vendor stalls, eating joints and the great bustle brings the sleepy town to life during this grand fair. Devotees offer prayers to Lord Rama during the festival celebrated on the full moon day of the month of Magh (February). Make merry at Sheorinarayan with Indian Festival Tours .

Goncha Festival

Goncha Festival is a tribal festival celebrated by the tribals of Bastar district of Chhattisgarh with great pomp and grandeur. The festival coincides with the Rath Yatra festival celebrated by Hindus all over the country (July). The festival serves as an opportunity to witness the ethnic customs and practices of the tribals of the region. The tribal people of the region use pistols made of bamboo sticks and Goncha fruits as bullets to engage in mock encounters. The festival derives its name from the Goncha fruit used as bullets. Celebrate this tribal fiesta with Indian Festival Tours



Procession of All Saints

The Procession of All saints is held on the fifth Monday of Lent in Goa and starts from the Church of St. Andrew in old Goa . Goa is the only place other than Rome where such a procession is held. Thousands of devotees partake in the procession. Local devotees carry life-size statues of 31 saints on their shoulders in a solemn procession around the whole village. This religious procession also has a mood of gaiety as in the evening the main road is lined by stalls selling snacks, sweets and toys. Join in this grand procession with Indian Festival Tours .

Feast of Our Lady of Miracles

Feast of Our Lady of Miracles is held at the Church of Our Lady of Miracles at Mapusa in Goa. The festival is celebrated in grand fashion on the 16 th day after Easter. The festival is also famous for the whole-hearted participation by both Indus and Christians. Celebrate this festival with Indian Festival Tours .


Bonderam Festival is celebrated with grand processions on the island of Divar in Goa on the 4 th Saturday of August. Mock battles are also carried out to commemorate the dispute which took place over property on the island. Celebrate Bonderam with Indian Festival Tours .

Geeta Jayanti Samaroh

The Geeta Jayanti Samaroh is celebrated at Kurukshetra in Heryana to commemorate the birth of Bhagavat Gita, the holy book of Hindus. Kurukshetra is a land of immense significance in the Hindu mythology. It was on this land the great battle of Mahabharata was fought and it was here that Lord Krishna advised Gita to Arjuna. The place was visited by divine personalities like Gautama Buddha and many Sikh Gurus. During the festival devotees bathe in the holy water of the sacred tanks at Kurukshetra - Sannihit Sarovar and Brahma Sarovar. The week-long festival held in Nov/Dec features dance, dramas, hymn recitals, bhajans and recital of stories about Lord Krishna. Celebrate this spiritual festival with Indian Festival Tours .


Andhra Pradesh

Vishakha Utsav

Vishakha Utsav is a magnanimous festival showcasing the culture, arts, crafts and cuisine of Vishakhapatnam . The festival organized by the Andhra Pradesh Tourism Department is held from the 3 rd Friday to 3 rd Sunday of December every year. More than a million people flock to enjoy the cultural programs, cuisine and other attractions of the festival including garment exhibition, craft exhibitions, heritage tours, sports and flower shows. Enjoy this fiesta with Indian Festival Tours .


Madhya Pradesh

Nimar Utsav

Nimar Utsav is organized every year on the eve of Kartik Purnima (November) on the banks of River Narmada. The festival is a grand fiesta featuring music, dance, drama, boating and canoeing. Feast on the attractions of Nimar Utsav with Indian Festival Tours

Lokrang Samaroh

Lokrang Samaroh is a festival held in Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh every year on India ’s Republic Day (January 26 th). The festival aims at showcasing and preserving the diverse and rich cultural heritage of India . Visitors get to know comprehensively about the ancient and diverse Indian cultures. Each state in India has its own culture and the festival showcases the traditiona and culture of each one of them. Savor the cultural essence of India at Lokrang Samaroh with Indian Festival Tours .



Fete De Pondicherry

Fete De Pondicherry is a spectacular festival celebrated at Pondicherry to celebrate Pondicherry ’s freedom from French colonial rule. Artistes from all over the country perform classical and folk-arts at the festival which is held on any day between 15 th and 17 th of August every year. The Park Monument in Pondicherry is decorated splendidly making for an eye-candy. Pondicherry which is also called the ‘French Riviera of the east’ becomes prettier during this fest. The whole of Pondicherry plunges into a mood of festivity and merriment during the festival. Witness this spectacular fest with Indian Festival Tours .

French Food Festival - Pondicherry

Pondicherry is often referred to as ‘The French Riviera of the East’; so much is the place blessed with natural beauty. In August every year a French Food Festival is held at Pondicherry under the auspices of the Pondicherry Tourism Department. Apart from delicious French dishes the festival also features Spanish, Italian, Mexican, Hungarian and Indian dishes too, making it the right place for foodies to be. It is also a sea-food lover’s paradise where delicious dishes like French shellfish casserole, chilled peach and litchi stew, aubergine and tomato in curry sauce with Mexican pasta and Khalia chocolate mousse. Savor delicious dishes in the enchanting ambience of Pondicherry with Indian Festival Tours .

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