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Camel Festival Tour, Bikaner
The Camel Festival at Bikaner held in January every year is one of the most colorful fairs and festivals of Rajasthan. Do plan your trip to Rajasthan India with “Indian Festival Tours” during the...  

Camel Festival Calendar, Bikaner

Camel Festival Calendar 26 - 27 Jan-2013 15 - 16 Jan-2014 04 - 05 Jan-2015
Nagaur Festival Tour, Nagaur  
Come to "Indian Festival Tours" to take you to the quaint town of Nagaur, near Jodhpur, one of the most picturesque of Rajput townships , which stirs to life during the 8 day long Colourful Nagaur Fair...  

Nagaur Festival Calendar

Nagaur Festival 17 - 20 Feb-2013 06 - 09 Feb-2014 26 - 29 Jan-2015
Desert Festival Tour, Beneshwar  
In every February "Indian Festival Tours" would be delighted to take you to the Golden City of Jaisalmer in Rajasthan, which hosts the Desert Festival - a 3-day extravaganza of colourful music and festivity...  

Desert Festival Tour, Beneshwar

Desert Festival Tour, Beneshwar 21 - 25 Feb-2013 10 - 14 Feb-2014 30 Jan - 3 Feb-2015
Gangaur Festival Tour, Jaipur  
Another enchanting Festival presented to you by "Indian Festival Tours " is the Gangaur Festival, an important local festival throughout Rajasthan. "Gan" is a synonym for Lord Shiva and "Gauri" or "gaur" stands for goddess Parvati,...  

Gangaur Festival Tour, Jaipur

Gangaur Festival Tour, Jaipur 13 - 14 Apr-2013 02 - 03 Apr-2014 22 - 23 Mar-2015
Mewar Festival Tour, Udaipur  
Believe it the people of Rajasthan welcome the spring with an enchanting Festival called Mewar. It coincides with the festival of Gangaur in Jaipur, and has a unique charm about it...  

Mewar Festival Tour, Udaipur calendar

Mewar Festival Tour, Udaipur 13 - 15 Apr-2013 02 - 04 Apr-2014 22 - 24 Mar-2015
Pushkar Festival Tour, Udaipur  
The Pushkar Festival in Rajasthan, popularly known as an event "truly a fest for the eyes' and "the Biggest and unforgettable experience" by various print and electronic media, is an enchanting and colourful event not to be...  

Pushkar Festival Tour, Udaipur Calendar

Pushkar Festival Tour, Udaipur 09 - 17 Nov-2013 30 Oct.- 6 Nov-2014 18 - 25 Nov-2015
Winter & Summer Festival Tour, Mount Abu  
Come every Winter & Summer, Indian Festival Tours would be delighted to take you to the "The Winter & Summer Festival held every year in December & May at Mount Abu , which is coolest Hill Station in Rajasthan ...  

Winter & Summer Festival Tour calendar

Winter Festival Tour 29 - 31 Dec-2013 29 - 31 Dec-2014 29 - 31 Dec-2015
Summer Festival Tour 23 - 25 May-2013 12 - 14 May-2014 02 - 04 May-2015
Braj Festival ---Bharat pur (Rajasthan) - February  
The Brij Festi val takes place a few days before Holi, (the festival of colours) in the month of February-March in honour of Lord Krishna. This festival is marked by verve and zest - villagers ...  

Braj Festival -- Bharatpur Festival calendar

Braj Festival -- Bharatpur 02 - 04 Feb-2013 02 - 04 Feb-2014 02 - 04 Feb-2015

Elephant Festival - Jaipur, Rajasthan (February- March)

The Elephant Festival in Jaipur is a unique event organized on the day of Holi. Elephant has always been the Imperial Mount with kings, members of the royal family, nobles and dignitaries mounting it ...  

Elephant Festival - Jaipur Calendar

Elephant Festival - Jaipur 26 Mar-2013 16 Mar-2014 05 Mar-2015

Kailadevi Fair - Karauli, Rajasthan (March - April)

The annual fair of Kaila Devi, (Mahalakshmi or the goddess of wealth), is held at the village Kaila (24 kms to the south west) in Karauli district (170 kms from Jaipru city) in the month Mar-Apr, lasting for a fortnight ...  

Kailadevi Fair - Karauli Festival calendar

Kailadevi Fair - Karauli 07 Apr-2013 28 Mar-2014 17 Mar-2015

Mahaveerji Fair - Mahaveerji, Rajasthan (March - April)

The Shri Mahavirji Fair is held in March-April to commemorate the memory of Shri Mahavir Swami, the 24th tirthankara (saint) of the Jains, in Chandangaon (180 kms from Jaipur). The Mahavirji temple is located in an enclosure ...  

Mahaveerji Fair - Mahaveerji Festival calendar

Mahaveerji Fair - Mahaveerji 20 - 25 Apr-2013 08 - 15 Apr-2014 28 Mar - 04 Apr-2015

Teej Festival - Jaipur, Rajasthan (July - August)

Teej is one of the most widely celebrated festivals of Jaipur, Rajasthan. Swings, traditional songs and dancing are the unique features of Teej celebrations in Rajasthan. Women perform traditional folk dance ...  

Teej Festival - Jaipur Festival calendar

Teej Festival - Jaipur 09 - 10 Aug-2013 30 - 31 July-2014 17 - 18 Aug-2015

Kajli Teej Festival - Bundi, Rajasthan (August - September)

Teej festival, the celebration of the monsoons (July-Aug), is celebrated all over the state with each region having its own unique touch. Kajli Teej of Bundi is different in several ways-while Teej is celebrated on the third ...  

Kajli Teej Festival Festival calendar

Kajli Teej Festival 22 - 23 Aug-2013 12 - 13 Aug-2014 31 Aug - 01 Sept-2015

Dussehra Festival - Kota , Rajasthan (September - October)

Dussehra is celebrated in Kota in Sep-Oct. This festival is celebrated all over the country but the Kota Dussehra is quite unique for it marks more than just the beginning of a festive period. More than 75 feet ...  

Dussehra - Kota Festival Calendar

Dussehra Festival - Kota 12 - 14 Oct-2013 01 - 03 Oct-2014 21 - 22 Oct-2015

Marwar Festival - Jodhpur , Rajasthan (October)

The festival is celebrated in the Hindu month of Ashwin (Sept-Oct) in Jodhpur , the former capital of Marwar Province . The festival has on display the music and dance of the Marwar region. ...  

Marwar - Jodhpur Festival Calendar

Marwar Festival - Jodhpur 17 - 18 Oct-2013 07 - 08 Oct-2014 26 - 27 Oct-2015

Chandrabhaga Fair - Jhalawad, Rajasthan (November)

The Chandrabhaga fair is held every year at Jhalrapatan (6kms from Jhalawar) in the month of Oct-Nov. The River Chadrabhaga runs here and is considered holy by the people residing in this part of Rajasthan. ...  

Chandrabhaga Fair - Jhalawad Festival calendar

Chandrabhaga Fair - Jhalawad 16 - 18 Nov-2013 05 - 07 Nov-2014 24 - 26 Nov-2015 8 Apr 201630 Mar 2017
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