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Ram Leela Festival - Ram Nagar (Uttar Pradesh)

The Ram Leela is a re-enactment of the battle Between Lord Rama and Ravana, the antagonist of the great Indian epic Ramayana. It is celebrated with fervor across the state of Uttar Pradesh, the celebration at Ram Nagar being the most spectacular and magnanimous. Ram Nagar's event dates as far back as 1830. It was instigated by Maharaja Udit Narain Singh and further popularized by his successor Maharaj Isvari Prasad Singh.

The whole town of Ram Nagar transforms into a Ram Leela ground during the festival which is witnessed by thousands of devotees every year. Permanent structures are built for the enactment of scenes. Each structure or space is designated to a particular scene and artistes and spectators move from place to place for the performances. In keeping with the tradition no loudspeakers are used during the festival which is attended by over 10000 people every year. Each year thousands of Sandhus (saints) come to Ram Nagar to recite Ramayan and witness the drama. Witness the great epic in life-size with Indian Festival Tours .

Ram Leela Festival - Ram Nagar (Uttar Pradesh) :-

Deva Mela Festival - Deva ( Uttar Pradesh)

Deva Mela or Deva fair is an annual festival celebrated to commemorate the great Sufi saint Haji Waris Ali Shah who is highly revered by the members of the Muslim community. The festival celebrated at Deva in Uttar Pradesh attracts people from different parts of the world, especially from middle-east and Islamic countries like Pakistan .

The foreign visitors mingle freely with the locals in an atmosphere of general well-being. Fun and enjoyment are also part of this devotional festival. People visit the shrine of the saint and offer prayers before plunging into festivities and fun. Attend this great devotional fest with Indian Festival Tours

Deva Mela Festival - Deva ( Uttar Pradesh) :-

Cattle Fair- Bateshwar ( Uttar Pradesh)

The dusty and reposed town of Bateshwar on thwe banks of River Yamuna is the venue of an amazing and large cattle fair in the 'Kartik' month of the Hindu calendar (October-November). Bateswar is named after its presiding deity Bateswar Mahadev(Shiva). It's a major cultural centre and being a place of importance for the Shaivites it draws many a tourists. The 108 shaivite temples on the bank of Yamuna are a great draw for the tourists during the fair. The annual cattle fair witness thousands of devotees converging on the banks of Yamuna and to worship Lord Shiva and take holy dips in the Yamuna.

The livestock fair is a very colorful affair. Thousands of cattle mainly Cows, Bullocks, Buffalos, Goats, Camels and Elephants assemble at this fair adorned in beautiful rags and colors. A wide variety of birds and pets are also put on display for sale. The sellers and buyers negotiate deals in the joyful atmosphere of the fair. Folk arts and cultural programs organized as part of the fair entertains both tourists as well as natives. Immerse yourself in the multifarious colors of the Bateswar cattle fair with Indian Festival Tours .

Cattle Fair- Bateshwar ( Uttar Pradesh) :-

Dadri Mela - Dadri (Uttar Pradesh)

The ten-day long Dadri Mela, which essentially is a cattle fair, commences on the 18 th of February every year. The stupendous carnival and cultural programs organized as part of the Mela in sure to enthrall every single soul. Cattle and people from all over the state attend the fair. People and cattle adorned in bright colors throng Dadri, which is 5 kms from the famous Baliya town, during the fair. The ambience of gaiety and festivity consume the visitors altogether.

Attend this grand gala with Indian Festival Tours .

Dadri Mela - Dadri (Uttar Pradesh) :-
Magh Mela - Allahabad (Uttar Pradesh)

Every twelve years the confluence of the three great holy rivers Ganga , Yamuna and Saraswathy at Allahabad witness an auspicious and magnanimous bathing festival known as the Kumbh Mela. Myths have it that the gods were advised by Lord Vishnu to churn Palazhi, a mythical sea, to obtain Amrit (nectar) the intake of which will make them immortal. The Himalayan task it was, the gods had to take help from the Demons to churn the Palazhy. On obtaining the nectar there broke out a war between the gods and demons for the possession of the nectar pot, during which nectar was spilled at four places; Allahabad , Haridwar, Ujjain and Nasik . These four places are held in high esteem by the Hindus and are known as Kumbh sites. It's believed that a bath at one of these places would purge all the sins of the bathers. Hence the Kumbh Melas.

Magh Mela is a miniature version of the Kumbh Mela held annually. During Magh Mela which falls during the Magh period (Jan-Feb) millions of pilgrims converge at Allahabad to take the holy dip and to commemorate the event of the obtinance of Amrit (nectar). This grand festival starts on Makar Samkranti in January till maha Sivratri in February. Experience the gigantic Magh Mela unmatched in magnitude with Indian Festival Tours .

Magh Mela - Allahabad (Uttar Pradesh) :-

Water Sports Festival - Allahabad (Uttar Pradesh)

As the name indicates this festival organized annually at Allahabad is full of water adventures and activities like kayaking and canoeing. This is an occasion for people to indulge in a variety of water thrills and adventures. Plunge into the world of adventure with Indian Festival tours.

Water Sports Festival - Allahabad (Uttar Pradesh) :-

The festival dates mentioned are based on local calendar and are subject to change.

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