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Champakulam Boat Race - Alleppey, Kerala.

Kerala, with its winding stretches of backwaters and rivers, is famous for its native boat races held in different parts of the State in the harvest season. The Champakulam boat race which has a history of centuries is the first one to be held during the season. The festivity include spectacular water floats, decorated boats, Vanchipattu - the song of the oarsmen and has a fitting culmination in the most thrilling and adrenaline-pumping snake boat race. Indian Festival Tours proudly offers to take you to this exciting water festival.

Champakulam Boat Race - Alleppey, Kerala. :-

Payippad Boat Race, Alleppey, Kerala.

An exciting spectacle that sets the Payippad River afire. Conducted annually at Payippadu near Harippad, this race of snakeboats draws thousands of spectators. Other highlights of this water regatta are floats, classical and folk art performances. The main event is held on the 7th of September every year. Witness this memorable event with Indian Festival Tours .

Payippad Boat Race, Alleppey, Kerala. :-

Kadammanitta Padayani, Pathanamthitta (Quilon), Kerala.

The Padayani, a ritual art associated with martial traditions of Kerala is performed annually at the Kadammanitta Devi Temple for ten days commencing on the first day of the Malayalam month Medam, a grand finale being on the tenth day. Locally called Pathamudayam. The performance is a rich blend of colour, vivacity and passionate devotion to Bhagavathy , the Mother Goddess. Plan your holidays with Indian Festival Tours to experience this magnificent ritual festival.

Kadammanitta Padayani, Pathanamthitta (Quilon), Kerala. :-

Neelemperoor Pooram Padayani, Alleppey, Kerala.

Neelemperoor Pooram Padayani is held at the precincts of the beautiful temple of Goddess Bhagavathy at Neelemperoor near Kottayam. During the pooram festival, grand processions of decorated motifs of Swans- both large and small- are held as symbolic offerings to the Goddess. The final day of the festival witnesses a magnanimous procession with large swan-motifs moved on platforms with wooden wheels and smaller ones carried on the shoulders of devotees. A unique aspect of the motif decoration here at Neelemperoor is the sourcing of different colours. The required colours are taken from the surroundings, in the form of leaves, flower petals, parts of the coconut tree and other local plant varieties. The procession is conducted at night and in its course towards the temple, it is accompanied by the reverberating beats emanating from several traditional drums ( Chenda ) along with clanging of Cymbals that fill the air with a captivating rhythm. Relish this magnificent festival with Indian Festival Tours .

Neelemperoor Pooram Padayani, Alleppey, Kerala. :-

Kuttikkol Thampuratty Theyyam, Kazarkod (Wyanad) - Kerala.

Theyyam is an indulging folk art unique to the northern parts of Kerala and forms an integral part of the lore and beliefs of the people of the region. There are many forms of theyyam; in fact a large number of them. The Kuttikkol Thampuratty Theyyam festival conducted at the Kuttikkol Thampuratty temple at Kuttikkol in Kasaragod district showcases most of the major Theyyams. Indian Festival Tours invites you to be a part of this festival which is unforgettable with its psychedelic colour and pageantry

Kuttikkol Thampuratty Theyyam, Kazarkod (Wyanad) - Kerala. :-

Arthunkal Perunnal, Alleppey, Kerala.

Arthunkal Perunnal, the feast of St. Sebastian, is a 10-day festival celebrated at the imposing church by the Arthungal beach dedicated to St Sebastian. The highlights of the concluding day of the festival include a special ritual in which the devotees crawl on their knees all the way from the nearby beach to the church followed by a ceremonial procession to the beach. Indian Festival Tours is delighted to offer to take you to this festival which is a delightful blend of festivity and devotion.

Arthunkal Perunnal, Alleppey, Kerala. :-

Edathua Perunnal, Alleppey, Kerala

Edathua Perunnal is celebrated at the St. George Church at Edathua. Built on the banks of the Pamba River , this massive shrine resembles the churches of medieval Europe . The annual feast here starts on April 27 with the hoisting of the festival flag and concludes on May 7. During the feast, the statue of St. George, decked in gold, is carried out and placed on the dais in the centre of the basilica. Prayers and related rituals are conducted here during these days. Devotees from all parts of the state attend the festival. As in all other festivals typical of Kerala, the church grounds swarm with vendors and stalls, selling all kinds of things from food to utensils to jewellery. Cultural programs are heild every evening during the festival. Come be a part of this devotional festival with Indian Festival Tours .

Edathua Perunnal, Alleppey, Kerala :-

Feast at Koratty Muthy Church , Trichur, Kerala.

Every year, in the second week of October, the beautiful village of Koratty , in Thrissur district, comes alive to celebrate a feast dedicated to Virgin Mary, locally known as Koratty Muthy. The feast, the most important event at the St. Mary's Church here, is attended by hundreds of devotees. Apart from the devotional rites, there is an awe-inspiring pageantry as part of the feast. Indian Festival Tours proudly invites you to this devotional fest

Feast at Koratty Muthy Church, Trichur, Kerala. :-

Manarcad Perunnal, Kottayam (Kumarakom) - Kerala.

Manarcad Perunnal is the annual feast at the St.Mary's Church at Manarcad. Known as Ettunombu Perunnal (literally, eight day prayer and fasting), this is a feast celebrating the Immaculate Conception. The retreat and fast begins on the first of September every year. Pilgrims observing the fast, stay in the church from morning till night during these days. The main kanikka or offering of the church is muthukkuda (highly embellished silken parasols). The church has a holy tank and a golden cross, which are considered sacred. On the last three days of the feast processions are held with golden crosses and accompanied by thousands of devotees holding silken-parasols. Indian Festivals Tours is delighted to welcome you to this holy fest.

Manarcad Perunnal, Kottayam (Kumarakom) - Kerala. :-

Parumala Perunnal, Pathanamthitta (Quilon), Kerala.

This annual Perunnal or feast at the Parumala Church in Thiruvalla is to commemorate the death anniversary of Bishop Mar Gregorios Metropolitan, the declared saint of the Malankara Orthodox Church of Kerala. The bishop is interred in the church. During the Orma Perunnal day or commemorative feast, special prayers are offered and rituals performed. There is also a ceremonial procession through the town, attended by devotees from all over the State. Come with Indian Festival Tours and join thousands of others in commemorating a great saint and take part in the majestic procession as well.

Parumala Perunnal, Pathanamthitta (Quilon), Kerala. :-

Vettukadu Perunnal - Trivandrum , Kerala.

The 'Madre- de- Deus' Church popularly known as Vettukadu Church attracts thousands of devotees from all religions. The annual celebration here is called the 'Feast of Christ, the King' (Vettukadu Perunnal). The feast is celebrated across 10 days culminating in the last Sunday of the liturgical year. Various religious rites are performed during the festival days. On the last Saturday of the feast, the image of Christ is taken out in a large colorful procession. A solemn high mass, sermons, Eucharistic processions and benediction mark the final day. Indian Festival Tours happily offers to take you to this revered event.

Vettukadu Perunnal - Trivandrum, Kerala. :-

Pattambi Nercha (Cheruthirithy) - Kerala.

Pattambi Nercha is a festival held in memory of Aloor Valiya Pookunjikoya Thangal, a Muslim saint of Malabar region of Kerala. A grand procession of nearly 100 caparisoned tuskers, colourful floats, music concerts like the Panchavadyam and the Thayambaka and folk art forms form the highlights of the festival. The procession concludes late at night on the banks of River Bharathappuzha where the Panchavadyam rises to a crescendo and the art forms take on a spectacular magnificence. Partake in this mind-blowing festival with Indian Festival Tours .

Pattambi Nercha (Cheruthirithy) - Kerala. :-

Kanjiramattom Kodikuthu , Cochin , Kerala.

The Kanjiramattam Kodikuthu is celebrated at the Kanjiram mosque which is believed to be built as a memorial to Sheikh Fariduddin. The festival of 'Kodikuthu' is held from January 13 to 14 every year. During the 'Chandanakkudam' ritual held at night, pilgrims carrying pots covered with sandalwood paste proceed in a procession to the mosque. Caparisoned elephants and folk art performances accompany the procession. Traditional Muslim art forms like Duffmuttu and Kolkali are also staged during the festival. Come and be a part of this unique fest with Indian Festival Tours .

Kanjiramattom Kodikuthu, Cochin, Kerala. :-

Chettikkulangara Bharani - Alleppey (Alappuzha) - Kerala

Chettikkulangara Bharani is the major festival of the Chettikkulangara temple dedicated to Goddess Bhadrakali. The temple draws large crowds of devotees to this colourful festival which is held on the Bharani asterism in the moth of Kumbham in the Malayalam calendar. The spectacular and majestic Kettukazcha procession with brightly decorated structures, the taller and bigger ones assumed as horses and smaller ones as chariots, is a major highlight of this festival. The temple is also famous for the ritual called Kuthiyottam . Do plan your visit to the Gods Own Country during this festival period with Indian Festival Tours and allow us to let you savor this grand festival.

Chettikkulangara Bharani - Alleppey (Alappuzha) - Kerala :-

Vishu – The New Year of Gods Own Country – Kerala.

Vishu is a wonderfully joyous festival celebrated in Kerala on the 1 st day of the month of Medam, the first day of the New Year, in the Malayalam calendar. The celebration starts with the ritual called Kani-kanal, a peculiar one where all the family members immediately on waking sees and prays before an idol of Lord Krishna set alongside a mirror and a pot containing coconuts, cereals, a new cloth and Konna Flower (cassia fistula). People, irrespective of age, burst crackers in the morning and enjoy the grand feast at noon . Elders gift children with money and bless them. Celebrate Vishu with Indian Festival Tours .

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