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Mamallapuram Dance Festival, Mahabalipuram.

Mamallapuram Dance festival is a dance extravaganza held in January every year for four weeks. Mamallapuram, a city just 58 kilometers from Chennai, was the ancient port of Pallavas...

Karaga Festival- Bangalore

Karaga Festival is a spectacular fiesta closely associated with the great Indian epic Mahabharata; the festival is celebrated in arch every year by the Tigala community who worship Droupati, the central female character of Mahabharata...

International Kite Festival- Bangalore

International Kite Festival featuring exquisite kites of large variety and talented kite flyers from across the country is organized every year in Bangalore...
Paryaya Festival – Uduppi, Karnataka
Paryaya festival is a festival of enormous importance celebrated at the Srikrishna Math in Uduppi. 5 months prior to the festival the priest at the Math leaves for a 5-month pilgrimage to all the important pilgrim centers...

Bangalore Habba

Bangalore Habba is an enormous cultural fest held in the first week of December every year in Bangalore. The festival fatures around 3000 artistes from across the state of Karnataka and hundreds more from other parts of the country...
Chalukya Utsav, Karnataka.
Chalukya Utsav is a cultural extravaganza held at Pattadakkal in Banglakot district in Karnataka. The festival is a colorful celebration of the rich cultural heritage of the erstwhile Chalukya Kingdom...
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